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X D2

The X-D2 features a new, deeper, saddle that brings the rider closer to the horse without, however, cramping movement.

The new saddle tree, derived from the X-PERIENCE with a lower cantle, is designed to accommodate a thinner seat for increased closeness and greater close contact with the horse.
XD2, X CONTACT video

Youtube channel
The FUTURE now

As a result of the new tree the seat is extraordinarily comfortable. The base at the rear of the seat is appreciably broader as compared with traditional saddles, the two membranes cushion impacts and enhance the comfort of the rider. The supporting base of the panels, along their entire length, is appreciably broader, meaning the weight of the rider is more evenly distributed.
X-Breath Dressage

Prestige unveils its new ultra-light dressage saddle, the X-Breath Dressage. What immediately catches the eye is the large cut-out section of the seat.
Prestige TV Channel

New Prestige Italia channel on You Tube with lots of advertisements and informative video clips on our saddles... NOT TO BE MISSED!! Connect up to Your Tube and look for “Prestige TV Channel”.

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