Helen Langehanenberg

The saddle is what connects the rider to the horse. This is very important for me, but mostly for my horses. Prestige Italia is a leading company in research and development of new technologies aimed at guaranteeing the horse’s well-being, and comfort and safety for the rider.

For this reason, I chose Prestige Italia to design an innovative Dressage saddle: the seat is extremely soft, thanks to the shape of its tree, while the twist is deep, advanced and very close to the horse, but without interfering with the movement. The saddle results highly balanced, thanks to its rear “V”-shaped girth straps.

Helen Langehanenberg is a German dressage rider. She first competed at the Olympic Games in London in 2012, finishing fourth in the individual competition with her horse Damon Hill and winning the silver medal in the team dressage event. She is one of the German most appreciated horsewomen and a highly renowned champion.