Ludger Beerbaum

The saddle has to be well balanced on the back of my horse to guarantee the best freedom of movement, that’s what matters to me. I have been working in partnership with Prestige Italia for years and I am very lucky to have found a company that puts the well-being of the horse first.

For my horse and me I chose the X-Perience saddle, which offers the most wearability to the horse and a comfortable seat to the rider. The tree is designed on a careful study of the horse’s morphology and the human’s anatomy. The base of the seat in the rear part is considerably wider than the other saddles, besides the two membranes on the tree soften impacts and enhance comfort. One last important detail is the panels: they are extremely thin and have a wider base all along the surface, to guarantee a better distribution of the rider’s weight.

The German rider Ludger Beerbaum, Jumping champion, doesn’t need any presentation. He won a lot of medals competing at the Olympics, and at World and European competitions, not to mention all his national awards. We will never forget his gold medal at 1988 Olympics: in that occasion he competed with the team riding on a borrowed horse, The Freak, after his horse Landlord had injured himself.