• Michel Robert

    The saddle I designed with Prestige Italia is recommended for all disciplines, but mostly for high level Show Jumping. This product immediately accommodates the rider in the correct position. And with correct position I mean the vertical position: head, shoulders, pelvis and feet have to be aligned. The X-Michel Robert saddle stands out for its design and unique features. The anatomical structure of the seat offers more comfort both when…
  • Giulia Martinengo Marquet

    I chose X-Michel Robert saddle, as it allows me to stay close to my horse. I can feel right, with an excellent center of gravity and twist even when landing. The anatomical structure of the seat offers more comfort both when working flat and during jumps. The twist is tight, very close to the horse, allowing the rider to follow the horse’s movements. Prestige Italia means quality, attention to the horse’s well-being, Italian elegance. The company…
  • Henrik Von Eckermann

    I visited Prestige and I observed the saddle production process. I have always placed my trust in Prestige, but after this walking tour, and seeing how the saddles are made I trust it definitively. I‘m so happy with the saddles, and I have seen first-hand that they are handcrafted with real passion. I‘m happy to have chosen Prestige products for my horses.