Breastplates and Martingales

  • E54

    Running martingale with EVO snap rings.
  • D27 EVO

    Five-point breastplate with forked martingale.
  • D18

    Breastplate for Trekker saddle.
  • E60

    BIB forked martingale with openable rings (EVO) for D35/D36/D37 breastplates.
  • D35

    Anatomically and fine Long Bridge breastplate, with ridge profiling and fancy stitching. The shapes are designed to comply with…
  • E56

    Elastic fork for D42 and D25 breastplates.
  • E55

    Closed fork for D42 and D25 breastplates.
  • D42

    Breastplate with extractable martingale.
  • D40

    “Pegaso” leather breastplate with forked martingale, also available with brass buckles.
  • D29

    Breastplate with forked martingale designed to guarantee the utmost wearability to the horse, thanks to the new elastic inserts.…
  • D25

    Elastic leather breastplate with forked martingale.
  • D21

    Elastic breastplate with loop for martingale, available also with brass buckles.