Care tips

A good hydration allows to protect a saddle from wear and to keep its integrity.

For this reason, we have designed Prestige/Renaissance Leather Balsam and Prestige/Renaissance Leather Oil. They are natural balsams and oils that revitalise the colours and keep the saddle fl exible and soft. Prestige/Renaissance Leather Balsam neutralises the damages caused by sweat and leaves a pleasant fragrance. These products, combined with a regular application of Prestige/ Renaissance Leather Care Kit, which is specifi c for saddle upkeep, keep the beauty and the integrity of leather despite weather conditions and ageing.

Care and maintenance

A Prestige saddle is a real artisanal gem made in Italy and just like other leather products it requires a continuous care: this will help preserve its look and it will increase its lifespan.

These are simple measures that are essential to create a natural protection layer for both the horse and rider against wear, perspiration and weather conditions. Sun and rain, as well as the normal wear due to its use, are the major enemies of
eather since they dry and harden it over time.