Tailored elegance made to measure for horse and rider.

Every time we think about a saddle we must never forget where we will place it and who will use it. All our efforts indeed focus on a specific goal: creating a unique product that complies with the morphology of the horse and responds to the rider’s expectations.

Made to measure for your horse

Our saddles must fit on a horse perfectly well. That is why we have developed an innovative system to precisely measure the horse’s back.

The withersmeter is a flexible measuring tool that can be easily adapted to the curves of the horse’s back, precisely following its shapes and correctly transferring them onto paper. Also, we use a special level to make specific panels that can evenly distribute the weight on the whole surface of the saddle and keep the rider perfectly balanced, thus avoiding creating points of pressure that would burden the horse’s back.

Made to measure for riders

A saddle is a very precious and personal item for a rider.

All our products can be adapted to any design and technical requirement: in addition to standard personalizations, we have become the first ones to give the possibility of choosing from various colours for trim and stitching. Every rider can also choose, according to their needs, between calfskin, soft to the touch and with a better grip, or leather, which is just as delicate, but obviously much more resistant.