Riccardo Martinengo Marquet

I participate in eventing competitions almost every weekend. The locations change, sometimes even the horse I ride is different, but the one thing that never changes is my Prestige saddle. I chose the Michel Robert model, designed in partnership with the great rider. It is the only saddle that makes me feel as though I am one with the horse. The X-Michel Robert has a narrow twist that is very close to the horse: this allows the rider to follow the horse’s movements, always keeping the horse in front of the leg. Moreover, the anatomically shaped seat is more comfortable during flatwork and while jumping.

Riccardo Martinengo Marquet is a rider, trainer and technician. He comes from a great equestrian family and dedicates a majority of his time to training riders and breeding horses. In fact, one of his major accomplishments is raising young horses and preparing them for high-level competitions. As a rider, he is always present at the most important national and international competitions.