How a Prestige saddle is born

Each and every Prestige Italia saddle is created from the experience and passion of our artisans who work using traditional techniques every day to provide horse and rider not only with an excellent product but also a unique experience.

Control phases

At Prestige Italia we have a penchant for perfection. This is why we lavish care upon even the smallest of details, from the selection of raw materials to finishings. The process starts with a preliminary leather check: a meticulous examination to detect any abrasions and scars before material is sent for cutting.

A second, equally meticulous check is carried out on leather after cutting. Only material which passes this second phase is used for production.


We consider every single one of our saddles to be a work of art, this is why each one is meticulously processed and protected by special ad hoc packaging.

The process ends with the assembly of parts and hand stitching of each detail, in full compliance with tradition and artisan craftsmanship. Our own artisans are exclusively entrusted with this process and use a special curved needle which enables them to carry out high performance stitching without ruining leather.

This is how we obtain a high quality product, meticulously processed by expert personnel.