A perfect fit is a thing of beauty.



Jump saddle, middle deep seat

X-D2 K

Dressage saddle, very deep seat

X-Breath K

Jump saddle for eventing, middle deep seat

Atena Flaps EVO

Leisure time saddle, middle deep seat

Prestige Italia World

Every saddle is the result of our craftmen's careful and diligent work.
They use both ancient and modern methods every day, to combine tradition with technological innovation.

Our Collection

Discover our products, designed to be comfortable for the horse and to satisfy experts, amateurs and young riders.

  • Ludger Beerbaum

    The saddle has to be well balanced on the back of my horse to guarantee the best freedom of movement, that’s what matters to me. I have been working…
  • Sandra Auffarth

    Prestige is a highly innovative saddlery; the company is always willing and enthusiastic to design even more technological saddles. I am very happy and…
  • Helen Langehanenberg

    The saddle is what connects the rider to the horse. This is very important for me, but mostly for my horses. Prestige Italia is a leading company in research…


French tradition meets Prestige Italia’s innovation.

From the encounter between handcrafted spirit and technological inclination we created Renaissance, the French style by Prestige.

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