Lifetime warranty on the tree

Warranty conditions

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we only use top quality leather. Any marks, slight differences in tonality and slight fading are proof of this.

We recommend cleaning and keeping the saddle hydrated in order to best preserve the natural properties of the leather and to prevent early wear.

The hides and the efforts put into the processing by our artisans are guaranteed for a period of 2 years in normal conditions of use. The tree is covered by a lifetime warranty. The warranty does not cover parts subject to wear and problems stemming from accidents, improper use or the use of products unsuitable for the type of leather. The warranty is automatically void in the event of tampering or work carried out by unauthorized saddlers. For your personal safety, we recommend periodically checking the girth straps and replacing them if necessary.

When we decided to create a nylon tree enhanced with fibreglass, we began writing a new chapter in the history of modern equitation. Synthetic material trees are lighter than wooden ones, are resistant to wear and humidity and can be shaped according to the horse's morphology. We pioneered the development of a resistant tree which does not change over time, at a time when everyone else continued to produce traditional ones. It is no coincidence that all our trees come with a lifetime warranty, we are confident that even the most demanding riders will be satisfied.

Visit the special section on our website to find out more about warranty conditions for our saddles.