Our materials

A supreme combination of technological innovation and craftsmanship. Our models embody a seamless combination of tradition and modernity, which is what makes our products unique.

Innovation and lightness: nylon with fibreglass

We wanted our saddles to be light yet highly resistant, this is why we turned our back on wood. Initially our preference for plastic material was dismissed as ill-advised, however we believed in our choice and are now proud to have become pioneers of this innovative material.

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The best leather from artisan craftsmanship

We always provide our Customers with the best, starting from raw materials. This is why we select only the finest leather, sourced from trusted tanneries which treat materials in accordance with the best technologies and traditions. Most of our suppliers are based in Italy, in renowned tannery districts located in the regions of Veneto and Tuscany. We also avail ourselves of the experience of a select few tanneries based in France and Austria.

We propose LUX and SUPER leather for our high-end products, sourced from free range animals and produced exclusively using natural tanning processes in compliance with the highest of standards. These materials are characterised by a softness comparable to that of calfskin. The covering of a LUX or SUPER saddle is 3.3-3.8 mm thick, making these products particularly suitable for intense training.

We made the decision to use only water based colours and adhesives for all our leathers, where possible. This choice came naturally to us insofar as we are committed to the environment and the well-being of everyone committed to making our saddles each and every day.

Two types of panel, unique comfort

We strive to accommodate all kinds of requirements, which is why we have developed two types of panel.

Flocked panels

We recommend flocked panels for riders looking for a soft and modellable saddle, consisting of a special mix of synthetic materials, masterfully hand-filled by our artisans. This product provides freedom of movement for the horse and prevents excessive burden upon its back as it enables the uniform distribution of the rider's weight across its entire surface.

Our flocked panels are available in the Classic or X-Technology versions.

  • Classic flocked panels are made from felt and are flocked with synthetic Dacron fibre, a resistant and highly adaptable material which maintains shape and softness over time.
  • The X-Technology flocked panel combines Dacron fibre flocking with an elastic honeycomb membrane cover and a layer of soft rubber. This special technology provides all the advantages of classic panels, combined with enhanced softness, comfort and lightness. The X-Technology panel is available for all the “X” and "classic” saddles.

Latex panels

The polyurethane flocked panel is suitable for those looking for a comfortable and high-performance saddle that requires minimum maintenance. Synthetic fibre does not compress or require modifications over time. It is particularly suitable for horses with an asymmetric morphology.

All flocked and latex panels are available in a shoulder free option, with reduced front thickness to enable greater freedom of movement for the horse's shoulder and trapezius muscle. The following thickness options are also available: half-flocked, standard, +1cm and +2cm for the rear part. The flocked panel is also available in a +1cm version, presenting this thickness across its entire surface.

Panels can be integrated with the underside, if closer contact with the horse is required. This type is particularly suitable for horses with a round back. A free panel version, more versatile, is available for thin backs and higher whithers. Some saddles are available in this option: X-Contact, X-Contact K, X-Perience and Versailles.

Flap sizes

Flaps are a fundamental part of the saddle. They are designed with particular focus on the rider's anatomy and according to discipline. They are available in a standard version, +2, +4 as well as the following sizes: L, XL, XXL, S, XS.