Our tree

From the very beginning one thing was clear to us: the secret to a comfortable saddle lay in its tree.

Right from the outset we have always designed our trees to perfectly adapt to the horse, guaranteeing well-being for both horse and rider. They are made from a special blend of composite fibres which presents numerous advantages compared to traditional wooden trees:

  • tree shape remains stable over time, because it is not deformed by humidity.
  • The tree weighs at least 1 kg less and does not require any metal reinforcements. Our lightest saddle, the X-Breath K, weighs in on at just 4.5 kg.
  • The tree is also adjustable, indeed the opening can be widened or narrowed according to the horse's morphology, especially during growth or muscle development.

These characteristics make us the only Company to provide Customers with a lifetime warranty for trees, except for in case of accident.

We offer three different tree technologies: Standard, X-Technology and X-Breath. Every saddle has its own tree, and the shape depends on it.

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