Bridle E142


Bridle E142


Mexican bridle with figure-eight noseband, with embroidery made in fine European leather. Thanks to an advanced study of the anatomy of the horse's head, we produced a figure-eight noseband that fits perfectly without using the classic rings on both sides. The headpiece is anatomically shaped so the pressure on the most sensitive area of the poll is distributed over a wider area. The buckles and metallic parts are made with high quality materials. The reins available to go with this bridle are: cotton reins (E147), ultra-thin rubber reins with stoppers (E148), 16 mm rubber reins (E144), 22 mm rubber reins (E145) and 22 mm rubber reins with stoppers (E146).

Technical features

Colour: Black/Tobacco

Size: Full/cob

Category: Bridles