Leisure Time


Luxury for leisure time

The convenience of Dressage applied to leisure time.


This saddle is the result of an intuition: using one of our most comfortable dressage trees, the Venus tree, to create a leisure time saddle. Venus VS has an saddle with an incredibly soft seat. The seating position is central. The panels, not integrated with the under flaps, are large over the entire surface to better distribute the rider's weight. This improves freedom of movement, especially in horses with short and flat backs.


  • Medium blocks
  • Excellent twist
  • Deep seat

Technical features

Colour: Black Tobacco

Colour of trim: For customization please contact your dealer

Colour of stitching: For customization please contact your dealer


Size: 16", 17", 18"

Depth: Deep

Width: 27 cm

Withers size: From 29 to 37

Flaps - projections: Standard, +2 cm

Flaps - length: XS, S, Standard, L, XL, XXL

Flap: Double flap

Panels: Flocked

Leather: Calfskin leather Lux

Weight: 6 Kg

Blocks: Medium

Care tips

Maintaining the beauty of our saddles starts with a few simple steps. When followed, you will preserve the natural quality of the leather, thus helping it to last longer.