The X-Breath Dressage K is an innovative saddle that catches the eye with the large oval-shaped opening located in the centre of the seat. This hole is intended to both help ventilation, resulting in a better air circulation to cool both horse and rider, and to relieve pressure on the coccyx. The hole is covered with a special ultra-elastic 3D material that increases the comfort of the seat. In the smooth leather version the saddle has holes and openings on the flaps to lighten the saddle and improve ventilation. A super fit for all horses and a comfortable twist for the rider, like the dual flap version.


  • Coloured accents
  • Ventilation openings on the flaps (in the smooth leather version)
  • Oval shaped hole

Technical features

Colour: Black Tobacco London (only for Elite)

Colour of trim: Gold/Silver/Bronze

Colour of stitching: For customization please contact your dealer


Size: 16, 17, 18

Depth: Deep

Width: 26 cm

Withers size: From 29 to 37

Flaps - projections: Standard, +2 cm

Flaps - length: XS, S, Standard, L, XL, XXL

Flap: Mono flap

Panels: LPF Flocked

Leather: Elite Calfskin leather Lux Smooth leather

Weight: 5,8 Kg

Blocks: Large

Care tips

Maintaining the beauty of our saddles starts with a few simple steps. When followed, you will preserve the natural quality of the leather, thus helping it to last longer.