Law enforcement


The riot control saddle unique in its kind.


The new leisure time saddle for unparalleled comfort. Thanks to a large seat, wider in the rear part and with two oval holes for ventilation, it is ideal for long spans on horseback. The panels are very large for better weight distribution on the horse’s back. The saddle has a balance handle and two rear rectangular brackets, one of which for the crupper. In addition, there is a removable rear flap for parades with four rear and front D rings per side. On request also available with short strips.


  • Comfortable position for the legs

  • Larger seat with anatomical oval holes

  • Balance handle

  • Two rear rectangular bridges positioned at the centre of the back of the cantle, one of which for the crupper

  • Removable rear parade knee pad

  • Four rear and front “d” rings per side

Technical features

Colour: Black Tobacco

Colour of trim: -

Colour of stitching: -


Size: 17”, 18”

Depth: Medium deep

Width: 27 cm

Withers size: From 29 to 37

Flaps - projections: Standard

Flaps - length: XS, S, Standard, L, XL, XXL

Flap: Mono flap

Panels: Flocked with X-Tech

Leather: Smooth leather

Weight: 7,5 Kg

Blocks: Anatomically shaped

Care tips

Maintaining the beauty of our saddles starts with a few simple steps. When followed, you will preserve the natural quality of the leather, thus helping it to last longer.