Technological innovation

Every single one of our products seamlessly combines the artisan tradition of master saddlers with technological innovation of which we are pioneers and ambassadors.

Each saddle, stirrup and rein is developed with the idea of guaranteeing the greatest possible comfort for horse and rider. This result is the culmination of experience acquired over time, using state-of-the-art techniques and materials.


Bringing horse and rider closer than ever before

X-Technology has been developed to provide the rider with a deeper seat in the saddle while maintaining a high level of comfort, in full respect of the horse's well-being. This system brings horse and rider close together by means of precise modifications to the tree, in full respect of the human anatomy.

Specifically, X-Technology is characterised by the fitting of thermosensitive rubber-filled elastic membranes to a Prestige Italia tree where the rider's ischium comes into contact with the saddle. This guarantees greater comfort and freedom of movement for horse and rider.

Panels are another fundamental characteristic of X-Technology. Traditional panels have been replaced with a more modern version. They are stuffed with not only Dacron but also elastic honeycomb fabric and a layer of polyurethane foam that guarantee more balance. These panels constitute a veritable evolution of the classic model and help to bring horse and rider even closer together, without any additional incumbency.


Unprecedented design and comfort

X-Breath is a range of ultra-soft and comfortable saddles designed to provide comfort for even the most demanding riders. These products are fitted onto a Prestige Italia tree which features a central hole. This guarantees an enhanced anatomical experience for the rider and greater balance for the horse.

X-Breath is a product which has been developed to encourage transpiration by lowering down the temperature for the horse, and to favour a lighter ride by cushioning impact in the saddle. This guarantees enhanced rider comfort which translates into greater support for the back and a more comfortable contact with the horse's back.

The X-Breath saddle is available in a range of colours, a distinctive characteristic of its modernity which fully embraces Prestige Italia quality.