Peder Fredricson

I was trying a horse who had a Renaissance saddle and I felt my position got so much better. I asked to try one for a couple of weeks on my own horses and I really liked it, so since then there is only Renaissance saddles in our stable.

The horses moves very well and their muscles on the back are good. The saddle weighs less than a primal jumping saddle and that’s really important for me.

Peder is one of the few equestrians who has competed in the Olympic Games and the World Championships in both show jumping and eventing. He competed in the Olympics for the first time at the young age of 20 and has since then participated in numerous championships taking medals. Being born into a horse-interested family, Peder is famous for being able to ride a variation breeds. His father Ingvar is a veterinarian as well as the former boss at Flyinge and his brother Jens is also part of the Swedish equestrian team. Peder is an educated graphic illustrator and besides riding he creates paintings, logotypes and graphic profiles.